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Solar Bird Repeller MS-SBR1

This model solar bird repeller, uses the solar energy power, the installment to be simple, and the effect is obvious.

Ultrasonic Solar Bird Repeller MS-SBR5

For high-power ultrasonic bird repeller, it uses Solar power supply, and the ultrasonic technology. It can drive out common birds, bats and mice, insects. It is used many areas. It is suitable in the places as transformer substation, factories, workshop, large-scale distribution freight yard, apartment villa, building commercial building, heritage attraction and so on.

Solar Bird Repeller MS-SBR7

It uses the solar energy power supply system's ultrasonic wave pronunciation comprehensive Solar Bird Repeller. It uses the solar energy power supply, so that not need the grid power source. It uses the ultrasonic wave synthesis and the pronunciation technology to drive out the bird, can drives out common birds, bats and mice, insects and so on.

Ultrasonic Solar Bird Repeller MS-SBR13

MS-SBR13 Solar Bird Repeller the integrated device of driving birds is a bird driving device with the electronic drive bird product function most. The products are mainly used in transmission pole tower, substation and other important occasions.

Electronical Solar Bird Repeller MS-SBR15

1, automatic work without manual maintenance.

2, The automatic light controlling and identification system controls the equipment working state of dormancy.

3, Using the combination of solar energy and storage battery intelligent control technology.

4, The bigger power of explosion with the combination of the electric and light.

5, The new anti-interference technology, suitable for transmission line tower environment.

6, The corrosion resistant material coating is durable.