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60 Cells 300W-320W BIPV Mono Crystalline Solar Modules


● The 60-celled MS-SP6-60-BIPV monocrystalline modules produced by Macsun Solar (power output 300Wp up to 320Wp) are best deployed in larger installations requiring higher power outputs.

●The MS-SP6-60-BIPV series is compliant to high international standards and features a 25-year linear warranty on product outputs which further ensures your return on investments over time. Certified according to EN 60068-2-68, it is resistant to the impact of sand and dust and is thus a valuable choice for projects in challenging environments.                                                                

●High module efficiency, up to 19.59%

Industry-leading 25-year linear warranty on outputs

Higher power outputs

BIPV Mono Crystalline Transparent Solar Modules

BIPV Mono Crystalline Transparent Solar Modules




30W - 60W BIPV Thin Film Solar Modules

Advantages of Macsun  Solar BIPV Thin Film Solar Modules:

1, Transparency:  Transmittance of Thin-film Solar Module: 5%-40%

2,  Weak-light:  In case of weak light can the cells generate.

3, High temperature:   In the case of  high temperature can Hanergy generate more.

4, a better adaptability to environment

5, good-looking appearance

6, relatively lower cost