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  Product Name: 275W CIGS FLEXIBLE CIGS THIN FILM SOLAR PANELS 12.5% efficiency
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Electrical Specifications
Capacity rating  Pmax  275 W 
Tolerance of Pmax  %  +10 / -7% 
Module aperture area efficiency  %  12.5% 
Rated voltage  Vmpp  51.5 V 
Rated current  Impp  5.3 A 
Open circuit voltage  Voc  67.6 V 
Short circuit current  Isc  6.3 A 


Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions:  5745 x 494 x <3 mm (226 x 19.4 x <0.12 in) 
Weight:  7.2 kg without adhesive (2.5 kg/m2) 9.3 kg with adhesive (3.3 kg/m2)
Junction Box - Top Mounted:  TE Connectivity SOLARLOKTM Micro Junction Box 
Cables:  4 mm2 dual rated with SOLARLOKTM connectors 
Junction Box - Bottom Mounted:  MC-JM/FM (MC4 Connectors) 
Front Sheet:  Non-stick ETFE 
Solar Cells:  108 CIGS cells (210 x 100 mm) 
Adhesive:  ADCO HelioBondTM PVA 600BT butyl mastic 
Hot Spot Protection:  Bypass diodes at each cell; 1 at junction box 
Materials:  Lead free and exempt from RoHS requirements 
Maximum Series Fuse Rating:  10 Amp 
Color Options:  Black (B) or White (W) backsheet behind cells