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  Product Name: Grid Tie Solar Microinverter
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Model MS-MSI1200

Input data(DC)
Recommended input power (W) 200~380
MPPT voltage range (V) 32~48
Operating voltage range (V) 16~60
Maximum input voltage (V) 60
Maximum input current (A) 10.5

Output Data (AC)
Rated output power (W) 1200
Rated output current (A) 5.22@230V a.c, 5@240V a.c, 5.76@208V a.c
Nominal output voltage/range (V) 230/180-275 1, 240/211-264 1, 208/183-250
Nominal frequency/range (Hz) 50/45-55 1, 60/59.3-60.5 1
Power factor >0.99
Output current harmonic distortion <3%
Maximum Units per 20A Branch 3@230V a.c or 240V a.c, 3@208V a.c

Peak inverter efficiency 96.34%
CEC weighted efficiency 96.0%
Nominal MPPT efficiency 99.8%
Night time power consumption (mW) <50

Environmental & Mechanical Data
Ambient temperature range (℃)  -40 ~ +65
Operating temperature range (℃)  -40 ~ +85
Dimensions (W×H×D mm)  280x176x33
Weight (kg) 3.75

Enclosure rating IP67
Cooling Natural convection – No fans

Microinverter Accessories
Macsun Solar offers a range of accessories such as DC Extension and AC end cable, connectors etc. to make your job easier and simpler