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  Product Name: Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Solar Modules MS-CPV360W
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Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) Solar Modules   MS-CPV360W


Features and Benefits:
Macsun Solar CPV technology combines GaAS multi-junction solar cells into a high concentration flat Fresnel lens design. At over 1000 suns, the module achieves greater than 27% conversion efficiency using a 50cm depth, establishing a new IEC benchmark for CPV systems.

More Power:
1, Enabled by advanced triple junction cells self-manufactured
2, Less than half the degradation in power output due to temperature of silicon panels
3, Employs refractive, non-imaging optical lens and multilevel concentrator parts which avoids chromatic aberration

Reliable & Robust Design:
1, Proven materials, partially tempered front glass and a sturdy anodized frame allowed module to operate reliably in multi-array mounting configurations
2, Enclosed modular assembly –no exposed cables and circuits avoids fire hazards
3, No moving parts inside –avoids mechanical failure and keeps Transportation Security
4, Glass-based concentrator immune to UV degradation

Low Cost:
1, More power per module means fewer modules per installment
2, Macsun Solar's CPV systems are designed to be used in conjunction with Macsun Solar's high precision dual axis trackers in order to optimize system performance.


In this concentrator design pattern, incident solar radiation is concentrated using three optical element. Primary and secondary glasses are arranged in a frame structure that directs sunlight to the cell via a tertiary, non-imaging optical glass. This design offers a wide insolation acceptance angle(±0.86°)and this concentrating profile improving power, efficiency and cost.