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  Product Name: Thin Film Solar Modules
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General instructions before installing the PV modules:
• Wear protection gloves, shoes and goggles for all kind of work you perform when handing glass
• Box cannot be placed in slope greater than 5° the ground when unpacking and the long side on
of box parallel to the ramp.
People can not stand on logo printed side of box when unpacking.
• After unpacking, module must be unload within 1H.
• Only install modules which are not damaged.
• Ensure that the junction box, cable and connectors are undamaged prior to installation.
• Observe the grounding requirements depending on the installation location.
• Integrate the solar system in the existing lightning protection system in accordance with the
local regulations.
• Do not install modules or perform maintenance of modules in strong wind or rain. It is
recommended that mounting and installation only be performed in dry weather.
• During mounting on buildings, there is a danger that tools, mounting materials or solar modules
can fall and injure people. Block off the danger area on the ground before beginning the
assembly work.
• Warn people near the danger area or in the building. Keep children away from the installation
• Carry out wiring work in such a way that people are not endangered and that no damage can
• Protect all parts of the module during transport and installation from mechanical stress (e.g.
from pressure, tension, torsional stress). Ensure that the bend radius of the connection cables is
greater than 60 mm at all times.
• The solar modules, especially the connectors and tools, must be dry during installation.


General mounting rules:

A. The mounting assembly and the undercarriage must be appropriately dimensioned and adapted
to the in-situ environmental conditions so that the permissible maximum bending/deformation
is not exceeded in relation to the edge length of the module if loading of L/400 occurs. No
buckling/twisting of more than 7.5 mm across the module diagonal is allowed!
B. Modules must be stead-fastened and in a durable elastic bedding. All direct contact of the
glass/solar module with metal parts of the substructure must be prevented.
C. The solar module should be installed at stress-free and force-free conditions.
D. Accumulation of water at the solar module must be prevented as it might cause corrosion on the
panels and on the adhesive bonding (PVB or EVA foil between front and back glass) and can
cause glass blinding and impairment to the adhesive bonding.
E. When dimensioning the undercarriage, particular care should be taken of the various thermal
coefficients for the used material
F. Observe the specified fixation points at the approved mounting assemblies (maximum
tightening torque for screws, positions of the drilled holes).